Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)


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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
Alfalfa is used in herbal medicine to treat general fatigue, asthenia, anemia or spasmophilia. It is also appreciated for recalcifying when the following symptoms appear: brittle nails or dull hair. Its richness in minerals, and especially in calcium, makes it interesting to help to fortifying bones in the context of osteoporosis or menopause. It helps reduce cholesterol levels. By regenerating cell tissue, it is used for detoxification and skin diseases.
-Emotional: Restructuring, Re-energize. Allows to restructure and replenish energy. Acts on the root chakra: its energy is masculine (yang). Allows to bring a boost of energy by energizing the base chakra. Helps to find the necessary power for start again or continue on the path while having a solid footing. Ideal for people who need a “boost” to start or end a project as well as for those who are running out of steam. It is also ideal for people who want to rebuild after trauma, those who need to restructure their skeleton or for those who are struggling to anchor themselves to Earth.


Physical and mental dependence and deficiency :
Recharges the soul with solar force, helps it to find its heavenly nourishment until it individualizes it here down on earth, in the bones, in the rooting to the experience of an earthly body. The being learns modesty and frees himself from his masters; his astral body lightens and regains amplified movement, greater speed of consciousness, healthier feelings.

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