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Goddess of female beauty, our Gallic aphrodite is a goddess of young and clear waters also known as Béllissama, queen of bees”

Composition : Solar maceration of Broom flowers, Evening primrose oil, Petit Grain Bigarade essential oil, Scots pine essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil

Mineral associated : Lemurian Crystal

Properties on physical body :

Evening primrose : emollient, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory skin, nourishing, protective, regenerating, revitalizing, softening and soothing skin, protective of cell membranes, healing skin

Petit Grain Bigarade essential oil : antispasmodic, healing, skin regenerator, skin tonic, nervous system regulator

Scots pine essential oil : hypertensive, “cortison-like”: effect similar to cortisone, respiratory and expectorant antiseptic, rubefiant, skin analgesic, lymphatic decongestant, help with asthenia, physical fatigue, concentration problems

Lemongrass essential oil : antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, circulatory and vasodilating stimulant, digestive and hepatic stimulant, tonic of the central and immune system, antispasmodic

Properties on emotionnal and spiritual bodies :

Petit Grain Bigarade : triumphs over obsessions and addictions. All addictions alter the energy of the heart chakra and often tear apart the aura. This essential oil also help to bring mental mental clarity.

Scots pine essential oil : raises awareness of society consciousness by transforming the pride of the ego which hinders group work. It has a double action on pride: it softens the pride of those who have a constant need for external recognition by infusing them the cosmic goal and it increases the pride of those who suffer from a lack of self-respect or a poor self-image. It represents rebirth; gives back the will when we no longer want anything, when we doubt. It stimulates the shy and will allow them to find unsuspected resources, helps to accept difficulties.

Lemongrass essential oil : associated with the solar chakra its permits the mind to illuminate the conscious. It drives out the parasites of the mind, softens rigid mental attitudes, can transform a pessimistic perspective into optimism; provides the necessary strength to face challenges or new situations

Bélèm’na is a beneficent oil, an oil of the Solar fire which restores joy of life, vitality and radiance. It will gradually, gently destructure the too rigid parts of our ego / personality and to de-identify us from our fears, suffering and illusions … It will help the deprogramming of patterns and false beliefs. Decondition us from our repetitive patterns by the different realizations that it operates in us. It invites us to let go, to observe ourselves and to accept ourselves as we are. It is the I who IS BORN (broom) or even the I who IS RE-BORN. Helps to realize that life is a game in which we are the main actor, the one who creates his reality. Creator we are! Bélem’na has purifying virtues of the solar and sacred plexus. It is the oil of reconciliation which will reconcile us with the different aspects of ourselves.

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