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BLACK WALNUT HUSK – (Juglans Nigra) – Organic tincture
Medicinal black walnut husk comes from the wild tree Juglans Nigra. It is a tree native to North America which is characterized by its rough bark of dark or black color. Its leaves are astringent, antiseptic and hypoglycemic. Black nut tree species are mainly found in the United States. The trees producing black nuts are trees with very hard wood. The fruits of these trees are black nuts producing very powerful active ingredients such as Juglone, Tannin and Iodine. In natural care, black walnut husk is used orally for the treatment against more than 180 different parasites such as Mushrooms, Bacteria or virus infections. (Ex: herpes or warts and tapeworm). In external application, the slurry of liquid nut manages to kill even trichophytia. This natural plant has extraordinary effects that allow the body to get rid of many parasites. It is very important to make mother tincture cures or black walnut husk powder to get rid of the parasites that are in our body, and this very often, because we eat foods containing parasites every day. Parasites interfere with the proper functioning of our organism and cause a lot of damage: diseases, infections, fatigue, etc. We can even read, in certain articles, that it is better for the body to be permanently in the presence of parasites in order to better be able to fight! A roof!
– Except that most often the body can not eliminate the parasites that create huge damage: cancer, diarrhea, inflammation and all kinds of other diseases which, once installed, are often difficult to eliminate. Common sense indicates that it is better to eliminate the causes by practicing prevention as much as possible. To eliminate parasites is to do prevention and contribute to healing! For more efficiency, it is necessary to associate the black walnut husk with Neem oil, the range of pathogenic elements destroyed will be considerably increased! Also, doing Doctor Clarck’s cure for the liver is effective.

30 ml bottle.

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