Organic tincture Mouse-Ear Hawkweed


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MOUSE-EAR HAWKWEED – (Hieracium pilosella) Organic Tincture

Diuretic: promotes urinary elimination of water, chlorides and urea. Choleretic: increases bile secretion. Antispasmodic, antibiotic: fight against bacteria of the genus Brucella. Astringent and antifungal: drains the body and treats water retention problems; eliminates excess salt; promotes digestion. Respiratory problem: stimulates cough and slows down the production of phlegm; treats asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and breathing difficulties. Also good for edema of the lower limbs, thanks to its recognized diuretic properties. Plants with multiple virtues, the hawkweed possesses, in addition to its diuretic effects, anti-infectious, astringent, aperitive, vulnerable, cholagogue and cleansing properties.

33 ml bottle

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