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PURPLE BONESET – (Eupatorium purpureum) – Organic tincture (Roots)
Hard mucus, especially in connection with the kidney (kidney stones, ears, gout)
Presence of hard mucus
Heat or Cold.
Purple Boneset roots have a double action. They transform and dissolve hard mucus and drain it to the bladder for elimination. They are mainly used in cases of kidney stones by dissolving and promoting their excretion. The purple boneset also increases the diuretic activity of the kidneys so it prevents the formation of new stones and increases the excretion of uric acid to decrease gout, rheumatism and joint pain. It helps to undo the stones and prevent the formation of new ones. The roots are also effective in reducing tinnitus caused by hard or dense mucus in the inner ear.

Form and dosage:
Decoction – Simmer 2 to 8 g per day for 45 minutes
Tincture – 2 to 6 ml per day.

Precaution: Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avoid taking for too long periods (cure of three weeks maximum to renew)

33ml bottle

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