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THUJA OCCIDENTALIS – Organic tincture:

Thuja tincture is prepared from harvested leaves in spring. It is recommended to apply a few drops with a cotton swab to the wart 2 to 3 times / day. Gradually, the wart will turn brown, dry out and will disappear after 2 to 3 weeks. The tinctures, especially that of thuja, are quite corrosive. So be careful to protect the healthy skin around the wart: you can use a little adhesive bandage, nail polish. However, the ideal is to use Verlim (see shop): it is a protective varnish for dermatological use. It is sold in pharmacies with small files that make it possible to “grate” the wart as the treatment acts.

Note that we can combine the local application of thuja tincture with an oral treatment of granules of Nitricum acidum 7CH and Thuya occidentalis 7CH, 5 granules every 10 days alternately.

During Jacques Cartier’s second trip in 1535, during the winter spent in Stadaconé, an epidemic of scurvy decimated his crew. The Amerindians reveal to him this effective remedy.

30 ml bottle.

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