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WILD GARLIC – (Allium Ursinum) – Organic Tincture:

Whole plant – Edible – (Cooked salads, spices)

Tinctures : probiotic – Antiseptic – Antifungal – General tonic – Hypotensive – Vermifuge Heavy metal poisoning, Cardiovascular protector – Hypertension – Arterial circulation – Cholesterol – Intestinal parasites.
Wild Garlic can be combined with the mother tincture of coriander in heavy metal detoxification treatments supported by chlorella (seaweed). Wild Garlic is precious because it includes two essential elements in the process of detoxification with heavy metals: perfectly bioactive and bio-available selenium and sulfur groups which oxidize and make water-soluble elements such as lead, cadmium or mercury. Wild Garlic can be taken at the beginning and even before the start of the cure, indeed the properties of selenium in protecting the toxicity of mercury make it an ally even if you have not yet removed the cause of the poisoning (dental amalgams not yet removed). For our part, we have a preference for cures without chlorella but by combining bear garlic and coriander with the mother tincture of fucus vesiculosus which, in addition to its chelating properties, is a great rebalancing in trace elements of which he is very rich. The choice of Fucus will be preferred for a cure intended for a woman whereas for a man, one will choose the buds of pedunculate oak which has powerful properties of drainage of heavy metals and cleaning of the blood, it is also a powerful energizer and male tonic, we will also prefer the pedunculate oak to the Fucus when people have thyroid pathologies or a proven intolerance to iodine. It is because fucus (seaweed) and rich in iodine that we prefer it to chlorella (freshwater algae), iodine is not only used to protect the thyroid from radioactive exposures, it is a thyroid stimulant.

Important: the Chlorella trade is such that some claim the word BIO… but it is important to know that no Chlorella can claim an organic label in Europe: we encourage people to judge for themselves the credibility of those and those who indicate or suggest the word organic for this product.

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